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COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

Players and families are expected to follow the guidelines below while playing ball during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  As the situation changes, these rules may be modified as needed to keep pace with the situation.  

Please be prepared to practice social distancing at all times (maintain 6 feet of separation at minimum) and adhere to the rules below so we can have a safe and successful season.

COVID-19 Game and Practice Rules:

1) Players will have clearly marked spaces where they should store their gear and water and where they will wait while they are the batting team.  At some fields or play levels, players will be required to wait with their families when not in the field.

2) All player and family spaces will be clearly marked and will be stationed 6 feet apart.  

3) Families should bring a small number (2-3) immediate family members per player maximum (2 max per player when on town fields - Douglas Field or Pennell Field).  It is encouraged that additional siblings be cared for at home.  All fields have a limitation of 100 outdoor guests including players and coaches.

4) No Equipment May Be Shared.  Each child will have their own helmet, glove, catcher’s gear and bat.  If players require equipment, they must check it out from the equipment bin for the game.  All loaned equipment will be sanitized before and after the game.

5) There will be no water provided. It is your responsibility to pack your child their own individual water bottle and snack. No sunflower seeds. No Gum.  No Spitting.

6) We will be providing hand sanitizer for the kids to use. Kids will be required to use this when entering the facility and when coming off the field.

7) A coach will use a mask if coming into contact or discussing anything in close contact with a player.

8) There will be no hand shaking or physical contact amongst coaches or players at any time other than in-game situations (tag-outs, plays at a base).

9) The umpire will umpire the game from behind the pitcher’s mound or from behind the plate if wearing a mask under the umpire's mask. If within 6 ft of the pitcher they will be asked to wear a mask.

10) League COVID-19 officers will report attendance to the league for the purpose of contact tracing.

11) We ask that people who have left the state follow the 14-day quarantine rule and not attend our games or practices.  Part of the reason we are able to play is because we are a small group of communities playing together with limited exposure.

Again, please be patient as this list is ever changing. We appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time, but really look forward to getting your son/daughter back to playing baseball/softball.


GNGLL Board of Directors


Rules Based on Guidance from Little League:

1) Best Practices- General guidance: ng-playing-watching-games/general-guidance/

2) On field Guidance:

3) Game operation and umpire guidance:

4) Facility, Fan and Administrative guidance:


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